Sensor Technology Can Boost Up Farmer Profits and Research Data

iMet-XQ 3DR Solo UAV Sensor

iMet-XQ 3DR Solo UAV Sensor

This week I discovered how the “Google” would process “sensor” or “sensors” as a keyword for UAVs and drones.  I discovered some fairly interesting results.

First, I would like to share a publication called, GEO Intelligence Vol. 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2013 which focuses on Sensor Technology.  The publication offers Guest Articles such as: “Effective Multi-Sensor Data Fusion”, “New Challenges for Sensor Simulation?”, and “Enabling Sensor Communication”.  There is an Event Report on “GeoInt Essential for Security” and another article titled, “More than Information from Imagery”.  The publication includes editorial, news, events and image intelligence.

Next, I would like to share a site that focuses on atmospheric sensors and radiosondes for research, military and meteorlogical applications.  Their products include: Radiosondes, UAV Sensors, 403 MHz GPS Sounding Systems, 1680 MHz GPS/RDF Sounding Systems, and Balloons & Accessories.  The image (above) is one of the UAV Sensors offered by InterMet.   The national weather services utilize the InterMet radiosondes to update the public with accurate weather predictions.

Finally, there seems to be a handful of companies specializing in different drone solutions to fulfill the clients’ needs.

  1. Orbic Air: Helicopter Aerial Photography Los Angeles/Helicopter Production Hollywood
    1. Helicopter Nose Mount Aerial Production
    2. Ronin Side Mount Aerial Production
    3. UAS Drone Aerial Production
    4.  Handheld Aerial Photography R44 Helicopter
    5.  Handheld Aerial Photography R22 Helicopter
    6.  Helicopter Golf Ball Drop
  2. Leddar Tech: Expanding the possibilities of detection and ranging with Leddar technology
    1. Leading the Smart Sensor Revolution
    2. Providing the Root Technology at the Core of Ultra-Efficient Sensors
    3. Building a Smarter World, Together
    4. It’s Just the Beginning
  3. Gamaya: Facilitating symbiotic relationship between the human kind and our environment on a large-scale
    1. Aerial survey of your field
    2. Crop-specific analysis via Gamaya cloud
    3. Actionable information in your farm management platform
    4. Better Decisions & Higher Profits
    5. Hyperspectral remote sensing methodology


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  1. This type of date collection and senor use is definitely going to improve the future of sustainability and farming potential. With the immense population growth going on currently, improving farming techniques is going to be very critical. Without improving farming techniques, we might just exhaust some of our food resources which would be bad for us all. Great technical article.

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