Drones Evolving Our Future

Just as we might have thought that drone technology was hitting an amazing peak and how could it possibly advance any further. Yet the drone maker DJI just released its newest edition to their fleet, the Phantom 4. The drone company has decided to take a different marketing approach with the Phantom 4 compared to their previous models. Instead of making the new drone itself the selling point, this time DJI is highlighting what the new Phantom 4 can do in terms of filming, not it’s abilities in terms of flying. DJI has produced a drone that is going to become film makers and outdoor enthusiasts new assistant and best friend. The Phantom 4 has many new features that allows it to fly almost autonomously. New features and options include selecting a location on a digital map that is displayed on the controller and the Phantom 4 will automatically fly and film in the selected area. http://www.popsci.com/meet-phantom-4-djis-newest-drone

The new Phantom 4 also has auto-tracking mode which enables the user to select a person/persons or vehicle to follow, and the drone focuses and flies along filming it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79eUwqtNwvY&feature=youtu.be The new drone also has obstacle avoidance. This is accomplished via its forward-facing cameras that detect obstacles at up to 50 feet, while its downward-facing cameras capture optical and sonar data. The Phantom 4 has a top speed of about 45 mph so I bet it is going to be highly desired for filming many different action sports. Soon with drones that automatically fly where you want them to and film what you want, there is going to be no need to know how to manually pilot other than enjoyment.

With the amazing capabilities these new drones are going to have it seems many people are going to start using them. This may become an issue because the FAA recently stated that all drone owners had until February 19th 2016 to register their drones with the FAA. Any drone that is over 250 grams and under 55 lbs needs to be registered with the FAA, they claim. http://www.popsci.com/faa-says-all-owners-small-drones-must-register-by-february-19-2016. Until the FAA can figure out exactly how they are going to regulate all this new technology, especially with the Phantom 4 that can now virtually fly itself, I am looking forward to seeing some of the amazing film that is going to be produced with the Phantom 4.


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  1. By far the best drone sales advertisement I’ve seen. The stunning video footage reminds of the GoPro advertisement when they first came out. I hypothesize that DJI user-friendly platform will take off and allow anyone to film their buds doing cool stunts.

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