This Foldable Drone Is a Flying Transformer

It’s a superpower that could let it explore disaster sites with ease.

Emily Remedios’s insight:
The foldable drone is created to help with rescue efforts in the field after a natural disaster. The drone was modeled after birds and how they have the capability to fold their wings mid-flight to fit into a narrow entrance. Modern drones are unable to fit and navigate through say a collapsed building. This drone is able to fold from an X shape into three different shapes such as an H, O, and T. With this capability the drone will be able to fit into narrower spaces like never before. The creators of this drone would like, in the future, to have a drone that recognizes the shape it needs to fit into a space and automatically do it mid flight without being programmed to do so. This foldable drone will change the rescue efforts after a natural disaster.

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