Ramstein, the Heart of the Drone War


     Wolfgang Jung filed a lawsuit in Germany to have the Ramstein air base shut down. This base operated by the Air Force is located in Germany and is allegedly deeply involved in drone airstrikes around the world. According to Jung, Washington’s drone activity in Germany violates international law as well as German laws. He claims that the main victims associated with drone airstrikes are innocent civilians. Leaked information points towards drone airstrikes contributing to a large number of civilian casualties. For example, after a drone campaign in Afghanistan 90 percent of lives lost belonged to “unintended targets.”
Personally I’ve always thought of drone airstrikes as a “sucker punch” towards the enemy. No one could ever see it coming and before you know it, it’s too late to run. But on the other hand, war is never a pretty thing. The United States has one of the strongest most advanced militaries in the world. Classified information is supposed to be for officials with a security clearance not civilians. The general population does not have all the detailed information regarding drone airstrike missions. I highly doubt that our high ranking military and government officials want to kill thousands of innocent civilians.
This lawsuit probably won’t shut down a military base but it certainly will spread drone awareness.


April 4th, 2016. “Operation Ramstein: Former German Teacher Tries to End US Drone War.” Sputnik International. Accessed 05Apr2016.

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  1. the issue about accountability in drone airstrikes is very important. I agree its like a sucker punch and no one is accountable because it is so classified. on the other hand, war in general is a sucker punch so you better be the one to hit first or in war terms, your going to be defeated.

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