New FAA Regulations Creating a Commentary Frenzy


FAA Proposal Drone Regulations


When it comes to the business of drones, it is all up in the air quite literally when it comes those who would rather prefer to be left alone to fly their machines as they have always done. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) definitely will have its say about who and what is flying in the sky. According to an article in Vice News written back in November 2014 by Payton Guion the FAA planned to include nighttime restrictions and enforcement of a pilot license although the drones were unmanned (Guion). Of course, this is not new information to us. There is a lot of pressure on the United States because other countries have managed to get their regulations on drones moving much more quickly.






As anticipated, the FAA promised to release the new regulations on drones by the holiday season 2015. Mark Lelinwalla of Tech Times reported in December 14, 2015 that the FAA announced its “mandatory registration for all owners of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs). Basically, owners would need to register their drones prior to February 19, 2016 to avoid potentially being fined up to maximum of $250,000 or three years in jail. The federal law went into effect on December 21, 2015. The comments on to this report are interesting. Mostly people seem to believe that this new regulation is just another way to tax citizens. Another comment focused on the how the regulation is there to help “control irresponsible” citizens. For example, locks on houses or car doors do not keep out thieves; locks only keep honest people honest and provide a slight deterrent to the remainder. Lastly, the commentary pointed out that the FAA cannot enforce civil aviation rules; therefore, drone regulation enforcement will be difficult at best. There is over 62 speakers on Trooclick from 637 articles which publicly posts commentary about the FAA announcing the new drone registration rules. To include a comment from President Barack Obama, “The government needs to do a better job of managing and regulating drones so that they can be used in a way that is safe and does not violate privacy concerns.”  If privacy if truly the real concern of the American public, then perhaps that is what drone enthusiasts should be addressing.  We should be educating our concerned citizens about drones.



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  1. You make a good point. If we educate American citizens about drones and their many limitations, people may be less scared about their privacy and more likely to embrace this new technology.

  2. this decision by the FAA really surprised my because they seem to keep changing their minds on how they wanna regulate drones. I am still confused if I need to register my drone because I purchased it after the deadline. We will see how this latest decision goes over with the drone community.

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