Japanese Police Department Fight Drones with Drones

Japanese Metropolitan Police Department Drone vs. Drone Video


     The Japanese police department have developed a way to discourage drone use, especially in sensitive areas. There was an incident where a drone was caught flying over an area where the Prime Minister of Japan was located. This sent red flags out because of how easy it was for an outside party to invade the Prime Minister’s privacy. Also the drone used contained a small amount of radiation. In response the Japanese police department created a net that is attached to a police drone, this net can effectively catch another flying drone and bring it back down without damaging it. This net is approximately 3 meters by 2 meters. This device can now help the police department to enforce drone laws which include not flying them above densely populated areas such have as airports.

I think this method is a relatively good way to regulate drone use. It is a little ironic to use drones to fight drones but it seems to be the most effective method. Drones are an easy tool to use when surveying or taking pictures, but this type of tool can be easily abused if fallen into the wrong hands. Because not everyone can be trusted to use drones for good these types of anti drone tools must be developed.


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  1. haha this is very ironic to see one drone capturing another one. Its going to become a game of cat and mouse, who can make the fastest, quickest drone to evade the police drones. Going to be high speed drone police pursuits soon also.

  2. What about electronically fencing off specific areas? This looks like a drone game of who is the best pilot. Challenge for drone engineers, create a more useful tool that could detect or sense another drone then capture the unwanted drone.

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