Drones and the Drug Cartel


     Just when you thought you knew all of the many uses for drones, think again. The drug cartel are expanding their horizons and coming out from their underground tunnels. Last year a drone attempting to transport drugs crashed south of Mexico’s border. The drone was carrying six pounds of meth before it crashed, probably because the drone was unable to withstand the weight. Another incident occurred in 2013 when a drone successfully carried 28 pounds of heroin across the border into the United States. Two men were later caught and arrested after they picked up the heroin shipment. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency around 150 trips between Mexico and the United States have been made with drones carrying drugs in 2014.
Although there is definitely cause for concern, officials are saying that the cartels are very limited with the amount of product they can actually transport. These drug drone delivery trips only transport a small amount of illegal substances. Nonetheless these incidents are still cause for concern for border patrol agents. My question is, if they can easily transport between five and twenty-five pounds of drugs, what’s to stop criminals from transporting small bombs and dropping them in densely populated areas.


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  1. leave it up to the cartels to make a technology a part of their drug smuggling. Does seem like the small amounts of weight the drones carry would not be ideal for transporting drugs though. Just keep our fingers crossed the cartels don’t get a hold of the new individual, autonomous flight quads. That would give police a whole new challenge.

  2. The cartels would use drones to smuggle drugs. Pretty funny that they loaded it up with too much meth and it fell out of the sky. If drones can be used for drug transport into the states I can see that criminals could attach a bomb just as easily as meth.

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