Drone Haters

Even though there are many people out there that thoroughly enjoy drone technology, there are also many severe critics that have been taking action to defend themselves against privacy invading drones.

Residents of Deer trail Colorado are fighting against the use of drones over their small town by implementing a new law that would allow them to shoot down any drones that are within 1000 feet of their property. Feelings about the new law are very mixed. Some feel it should be legal for them to shoot down drones that are hovering too close to their property while others believe it would create more danger than just leaving the drones alone. One unnamed resident described it by saying that “I don’t like cars. The sound annoys me, they could be spying on me as the drive past, and they have killed way more people than drones. I propose an ordinance to let me shoot cars.” Which is a valid point to make, people in cars can be spying just as drones can.

It seems to me if you begin to legally allow residents of this small town to fire on drones in the sky then many more stray bullets will have potential to harm other individuals on the ground. A much safer approach to combating drone use is to utilize these new guns that fire radio jamming signals instead of bullets. There’s recently been a run of new anti-drone systems introduced to deal with potential threats from UAV’s. To provide affordable defense options, a national security research and development firm Battelle, is introducing DroneDefender. This anti-drone defense weapon may be the first portable, accurate, rapid-to-use UAV counter-weapon. It’s a rifle-like ray-gun device that uses a radio beam to jam drone control systems and stop them in midair. Some law enforcment aganciees are even beginning to experiment with the new anti-drone technology which to me, is nerve racking.





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