Using a UAV for search and rescue

Using a UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle is not just a toy purchased for kids at Christmas time.  Here is a great example of a Search and Rescue using a UAV.  There are ways to turn that fantastic toy or great hobby into something for the community.  The public can even volunteer to use their own drone for a search and rescue mission.

Search and Rescue teams are all about saving lives.  Often times people are scared and need help quickly.  Drones and UAVs can offer this assistance.  Here is an awesome article about how an off the shelf drone provided such service.









  1. Corey Greenfield

    Very interesting. I feel like the FAA will find a way to put a stop to volunteers using their UAVs for search and rescue. Someone will probably complain that a UAV was flying over their property and violating their privacy. Hopefully law enforcement, if they haven’t already, will develop a department that specializes in using UAVs for search and rescue.

    • Antonella Cammarota

      It seems the law is always playing catch up to the new technology that is developed.

      • Yes very true i also believe that the law is always playing catch up, well thats what happens when law follows rules and regular people don’t.

    • I try to put myself in the shoes of a family that has a lost a loved one in the wilderness. A UAV search and rescue government specialization department might do the trick, but more eyes in the sky (volunteers) would help the families deal with this situation better. Anyone who complains about privacy could change their mind if they knew the reasoning behind the drones flight.

  2. I feel like the public would feel better about drones if they are being used for positive reasons like search and rescue. In such situations the public safety is more important than privacy.

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