Search and Rescue Drones

Search and rescue drones are beginning to grow in large numbers and are soon going to be anywhere humans will be. There are increasing numbers of people who are purchasing drones and voluntarily using them to help search and rescue efforts. One groups that has recently emerged is known as S.W.A.R.M. (Search With Aerial Rc Multirotors ). SWARM is a worldwide volunteer search and rescue network of over 1,100 search and rescue drone pilots dedicated to searching for missing persons.

Aerial search for lost persons is extremely costly with traditional fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Small, very maneuverable unmanned aerial vehicles or drones could aid and support search efforts in many situations for a fraction of the cost, less risk, and using resources. This could transform search and rescue efforts in the future and make hikers and outdoor enthusiasts much safer in remote locations.

You can even volunteer your own personal drone to do search and rescue missions by going to and following the instructions. This type of community building is what’s going to give drones a very positive outlook.

One fairly recent search and rescue mission done by drones was in a severly flooded portion of Texas. A team from the FAA test site for drones in Texas spent part of Thursday afternoon flying a drone along the Blanco River. They were aiding search and recovery efforts following severe storms that killed an estimated 17 people from the floods.


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  1. This gives every person a chance to be a hero and to make a positive influence on the world. I’m so glad that new technology can help to improve search and rescue, in the process saving lives.

  2. Beneficial applications that drones in a wilderness or disaster setting are life and death. The cost of having a search and rescue crew pilot a helicopter can cut the overall search time. Drones being a less expensive method of navigating to lost persons could increase success rate.

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