Profitting Potential Expands Rapidly

Current technology has progressed to a point that unmanned aerial vehicles (U.A.V.) or drones, have become more accessible now than ever before. Both in terms of their relatively low prices and ease of flight control for new pilots. Quad-copters like the DJI Phantom series seem to be the current option most people are going with because they’re everywhere. The Phantom series offers many professional options for filming and shooting pictures yet is still quiet easy to operate and fly. Cameras have come along way as well, they are smaller, lighter, capture much higher resolution and have better lenses. The advancements in camera technology paired with relatively sophisticated, but also inexpensive image stabilizing gimbals have made video and aerial photography easy, affordable and fun. These new advancements in both cameras and drones are opening up brand new business opportunities for smart and lucky entrepreneurs. The options for pursuing business in the drone industry are rapidly expanding with many different paths to pursue.

Some U.A.V. operators are finding opportunities for business in aerial surveying, digital mapping and photography services due to the enormous cost savings from using U.A.V.’s capable of carrying a variety of visual imagery payloads that can go slower and lower than much larger traditional aircraft. This cost saving is being passed down to who ever is hiring the U.A.V. pilot which is creating a much bigger demand for the use of U.A.V.’s for commercial purposes. Another business opportunity for drone pilots is conservation, environmental regulations and compliance. Many wildlife conservation groups are utilizing drones to help track down poachers and protect endangered species. Drone delivery services also offer more business opportunities. Some delivery services are already taking flight in other parts of the world where flight is faster, safer and more economical than shipping via overland routes. Drones are delivering emergency medicine, small but critical mechanical parts and time sensitive documents among other things.

Utilities companies have frequently used commercially piloted air crafts like airplanes and helicopters to inspect hundreds of miles of electrical lines, towers and remote substations as well as oil and gas pipelines and pumping stations. But the advanced development of drone technology equipped with cameras and video transmitters are now replacing much of the routine inspection that was very expensive and often dangerous to the pilots and inspectors. Business opportunities for drones are rapidly expanding and as technology continues to develop, it seems the profiting potential for this field will not slow down.


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