Protesting Against Drones with Art


    In this article, art is used to protest against military drones. Artists created a large image in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of a girl that can be easily seen by a drone flying overheard. This girl and her family were allegedly killed by military drones in the Middle East. The artwork was created to bring awareness of the devastation of military drones, and was placed right where the military would be able to see it. The artists responsible for the piece say they created it to bring,“empathy and introspection amongst drone operators, and create dialogue amongst policy makers.” These military drone airstrikes have killed over 2,000 people in the Middle East. Drone use for the military is convenient because it provides mission readiness without risking the lives of our service members. But others see it as dehumanizing and an immoral use of military power.

    When searching for an article related to art in the drone world, I was hoping to find a situation where drones were contributing to art. But instead I found a case where people are using art to protest against the use of drones. Many people see drones as a symbol of violence instead of a tool. People including the artists responsible for this piece have very strong negative attitudes towards drone use. Personally, I hope that violent military drone airstrikes do not taint the opinions of drone use for the population. There are many good things that drones and UAVs can provide other than violence.


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  1. This post is very strong. Displaying the faces of people who have been killed by drones is a good way to make the situations more personal and give the people on the ground more human characteristics than the pilots see. Still don’t think it would stop a pilot from pulling the triggers.

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