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The World Surf League showcases live surf events, athlete rankings, and videos from the worlds best surfers. World Surf League  The World Surf League used drones in Tahiti to enhance the viewer’s experience.  Drone footage in Tahiti. Previously surfers had to pay for a helicopter to get aerial photographs, now drones are the cheap alternative. Some of the best aerial surf photography drones can be found here Surf Drones.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 7.46.07 PM


  1. Antonella Cammarota

    Corey, these are awesome pictures. These are some of the reasons I want to learn how to better fly drones for recreation. Of course, I want to use drones as a research tool as well.

  2. Using drones in the sports world is going to have some huge potential. These shots of Teahupoo are so insane. I’m use to seeing pics from the channel but not the air. Soon we will soon drone submarines filming the action from underneath the crystal blue water.That barrel would be so scary.

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