ESRM 370

Fundamentals of Remotely Piloted Systems at CSU Channel Islands

ESRM 370: Fundamentals of Remotely Piloted Systems is the first in our series of courses designed to prepare you to safely and professionally fly or swim Remotely Piloted Systems (aka robotic airplanes and submarines).  Designed for students who have never engaged with robotic technology, this course is an interdisciplinary introduction to the burgeoning field of flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and swimming Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).  This introductory course:

  • introduces students to the history of robotic tools
  • explores the recent and current public perception of this technology
  • summarizes the current regulatory environment governing UAVs in the United States
  • covers basic aeronautics/hydronautics
  • teaches basic operation and maintenance of commonly used commercial and open source platforms
  • provides a practicum for operation of UAV, progressing from computer-based simulators/trainers to microquads to full scale research-grade and commercial units
  • demonstrates various sensors and common data collection techniques for monitoring our coastal zone

Upon successful completion of ESRM 370, students are eligible to take the next in our series ESRM 371: Coastal Monitoring with Remotely Piloted Systems.


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