Sensor Technology Can Boost Up Farmer Profits and Research Data

This week I discovered how the “Google” would process “sensor” or “sensors” as a keyword for UAVs and drones.  I discovered some fairly interesting results. First, I would like to share a publication called, GEO Intelligence Vol. 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2013 which focuses on Sensor Technology.  The publication offers …

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Using a UAV for search and rescue

Using a UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle is not just a toy purchased for kids at Christmas time.  Here is a great example of a Search and Rescue using a UAV.  There are ways to turn that fantastic toy or great hobby into something for the community.  The public can even volunteer to use their own drone for a search and rescue mission.

Search and Rescue teams are all about saving lives.  Often times people are scared and need help quickly.  Drones and UAVs can offer this assistance.  Here is an awesome article about how an off the shelf drone provided such service.