Kalashnikov unveils ‘suicide drone’ at IDEX 2019 expo – Intelligent Aerospace

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – The Kalashnikov Group unveiled its KYB-UAV “suicide drone,” which can deliver a 3 kg payload to ground targets, at IDEX 2019 expo. 

Micaela Lerma’s insight:
During the IDEX 2019 EXPO, the UAS revealed their new "suicide drone". It is designed to deliver 3 kg payloads to ground targets. This drone is suppose to be super effective and precise when it comes to taking down their target. It is designed to deliver the explosive to the target regardless of how hidden it is. It is able to operate regardless of hidden terrains and high and low altitudes. You can either manually input the targets coordinates or it can be sent by a payloads targeting image.

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