UAV Poll Instructions

Administering Our Surveys

Human Subjects Training

Any research involving humans (and yes, asking people to anonymously fill out a survey qualifies as “human subject research”) requires approval by an oversight body.  At CSU Channel Islands this is our Institutional Review Board.  We have already secured the proper permissions for this research, but part of that permission requires each of you to complete the free, online training for researchers engaging with human subjects.

Upon completion of your training, please save a copy of your training certification and upload it into our Google Drive with the file names with your last name and first initial (e.g. AndersonS.pdf)

Administering Surveys

Our polls have evolved somewhat throughout the years, but always ask a consistent, core set of questions.  They span a range of topics from personal perception, actual behaviors, a few general resource management questions we ask on all our ESRM surveys (to help us calibrate and self-assess how close to a representative cross section of the public we are sampling), and basic demography of our respondents.

We survey members of the general public via two instrument modalities: online and in-person.  In addition we have begun to experiment with delivering the survey in Spanish as well as our traditional English language format.  All of these surveys ask the same questions, regardless of format.

In-Person Surveys

Survey respondents will be volunteers haphazardly (Connaway and Powell 2010) encountered in public places (beaches, malls, parks, etc.) during daylight hours, adults (at least 18 years old) and not compensated.  Your potential survey area is anywhere within Santa Barbara, Ventura, or Los Angeles Counties.

Given we are trying to get a representative sample of the general public, you surveys will be be constrained as follows:

  • no more than 20 surveys will be collected from any one particular site to minimize bias from this non-probability sampling (Fink 2003)
  • a maximum of 25 of your surveys will be conducted within Ventura County
  • you will not survey fellow CSUCI students or administer surveys on the CSUCI campus
  • you will not survey immediate family or friends

You will administer the survey in either English or Spanish languages, first asking the participant if he or she has ever flown a drone before.  If they answer yes, you will administer the full version of the survey, if they answer no, you will administer the truncated version of the survey lacking the subset of questions relating to their their personal ownership/purchasing of UAVs and their own flight behaviors.

You will administer a total of 35 surveys AND have entered all of this data into our database by 9am on Tuesday, February 13.

In-Person Survey Instruments (pdfs)

Click here for our 2018 Instruments

Online Surveys

We will distribute our questions online as well as in person.  The online survey questions are identical to our face-to-face instrument with the exception that conditional formatting of the online platform eliminates the need for alternative versions of the instrument (i.e. an “I have flown a drown before” version and an “I have never flown a drone before” version).

The clear potential bias when administering such a survey about one particular topic online is the simple fact that we are likely to oversample folks with a strong interest in drones and folks with a strong anti-drone disposition.  To help combat that you will each provide points of outreach/distribution for our online survey.

Survey Distribution Nodes

You will provide a total of 12 distribution nodes wherein we will advertise our anonymous survey:

  • 8 national/California fora (e.g. listserves, social media groups, professional organizations)
  • 4 fora with a regional focus/membership specifically outside of California

Enter your suggestions by 5 pm Thursday, February 1 into our Google Sheet.

Suggested Invitation Request

After your 12 distribution nodes are approved, you will advertise/share our survey link, using the following announcement as a template for your request:

Good day,

I am an undergraduate student at California State Univeristy Channel Islands here in southern California.  As part of one of my classes exploring the public perception of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (i.e. “drones”), we are conducting a large-scale survey of the wider public.  We would very much appreciate it if you might take approximately 6 minutes and complete our anonymous survey and consider sharing our survey link with your networks.  Our survey results will be posted in April on our AARR Blog (  Feel free to reach out to our professor (Dr. Sean Anderson, if you have any particular questions.  Thanks for helping us better sample public sentiment about drones.


Online Survey Links

Click here for our 2018 Instruments

Entering In-Person Survey Data

When you are ready to enter the data from a given in-person survey, use one of these two links:

For English surveys, use this link:

For Spanish surveys, use this link:


Be prepared to enter the following at at the end of this instrument:

  • Surveyor (your) name:
  • Date Administered (entered as mm/dd/yyyy):
  • Time of Day Administered (in military time format):
  • Day of Week Survey Administered:
  • County Survey Administered:
  • City Survey Administered:
  • Specific Location where Survey Administered:
  • Your Survey Number (your replicate #, between 1 and 35):
  • Version of the Poll Administered:
  • Any additional comments made by THE PERSON taking the survey:
  • Any comments from YOU about this survey:

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