Fleye: the New Drone Design

Fleye is a new drone design coming out in 2016. It sports a single shielded propeller, four control vanes, and all around better stability. At 23 cm and 450 grams Fleye will be about the size and weight, and shape of a soccer ball. This floating sphere is totally safe because all of the blades are inside the frame. Along with Wi-Fi, a sonar and bottom camera, this new product also has a mobile app that will make missions far simpler.


  1. Watching the video it tells me how safe and fun this drone can be.

  2. this is a very interesting concept. What are they hoping that it will mainly function as? some kind of human helper or something? Also it is a great design to put the props inside the frame. Safety first right.

  3. Antonella Cammarota

    This sounds like a drone design that is made for me, the novice. I can’t wait until I get better at flying these.

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