PEER and HICoP file lawsuit to compel FAA to comply with National Air Tour Management Plan for National Parks (2000)

PICTURES FROM A RECENT PUBLIC MEETING ON THE BIG ISLAND ‘We have 40 years of complaints’: Group files lawsuit against FAA National Parks Air Tour Management Act Federal Aviation Administration and National Park Service Plan due 2004- lawsuit to order Plan within 24 months I-Legal Background In 2000 the Congress enacted National Parks Air Tour Management Act (Public Law 106-181, 49 U.S. Code § 40128)(NPATMA). This legislation was passed in response to public outcries about noise from aircraft being operated over National Parks. NPATMA required the FAA to issue an Air Tour Management Plan (ATMP) when whenever a person applies for authority to conduct a commercial air tour operation over the park where such a plan is not in effect.” NPATMA instructs the FAA to issue said plan, or voluntary agreement, WITHIN 24 MONTHS. Currently the FAA has only done the following: Voluntary Agreements Currently, voluntary agreements are being pursued at the following national park units: Badlands

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