Drones vs Poachers

Rhinos are hunted because their horns are said to possess healing properties and are sold on the black market in China for high prices. If the current trend continues rhinos will be poached to extinction by the year 2026. We need to protect this species from extinction not only for our own moral standards, but because we want future generations to be able to experience the chance to see a Rhino in real life. One option for safer, cheaper poaching prevention is drones. Drones can patrol natural areas from the sky and capture video of poachers in action so that rangers can stop them in their tracks. “In response to President Obama’s Executive Order on Combating Wildlife Trafficking, Princess Aliyah founded the worldwide Wildlife Conservation unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Challenge (wcUAVc) to foster innovation and invention in the design, fabrication, and utilization of unmanned aircraft to assist with counter poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking” http://www.wcuavc.com/ Hopefully, if the world works together using this new technology, we can prevent the poaching to extinction of animals like the rhino. This is the fight, drones vs poachers.


  1. Antonella Cammarota

    This is absolutely awesome. What a great way to utilize this technology to preserve our wildlife. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great use for drone! People all over the world seem to not understand that once you over hunt a species it won’t come back at all. Not to mention I think the safety and efficiency of using drones for this will be far better than the traditional ways of being on foot.

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